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Season 2


There's a New God in Town by Dan Borengasser

When God discovers that someone or something besides Him has been answering the prayers of mortals, He sends Archangel Michael and Satan down to Earth to investigate. Between the two of them, they should be able to determine whether the source is good or evil. Neither one of them particularly likes being associated with the other, but God insists they cooperate to solve the mystery. It turns out there’s another deity at work, which threatens a potential instability in the universe, unless it’s resolved.

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Venom by Richard Bonte

A manipulative psychotherapist, an ambitious patient, and a controlling secretary come together in an explosive cocktail that gets two innocent patients caught up in a dangerous coup.

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Cyber-O by Thomas J. Misuraca

Richard is having difficulty finding the perfect woman because he is unable to speak to them. Much to his surprise, is autistic co-worker, Elmer, has a knack for the romantic. Posing as Richard, Elmer woos the lovely Liz. But they will soon find that keeping up this charade, while being scrutinized by co-worker, Bonnie, will become too much to handle.


The Powers That Be by Melville Lovatt

Matt and Gary are ‘minding a man’ and awaiting instructions from The Powers That Be. Instructions which will decide the man’s fate, but also, unbeknown to Gary, his own. For Gary, the time has finally come to prove himself to The Powers That Be. ‘It’s an aptitude test of some kind, that’s all.’  

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The Wonder by Maggie Lou Rader

The Wonder is inspired by the first documented case of spiritual possession in America. Mary Roff's unearthly illness turns her family and the town of Watseka, Illinois, upside down, that is, until Lurancy Vennum follows in her footsteps. The Wonder is a journey of hope, loss, undying familial love, and healing beyond the bounds of this world. Also, it's a ghost story.

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Best Beware My Sting by Donna Latham

Laughter ensues when taming shrews! But what of the troublesome tropes Shakespeare mansplained? Alpha Petruchio is determined to keep his good lady wife Kate dicknotized and submissive. His servant Grumio, who moonlights as a sales rep for Fantasia Tickle Toys, cheers him on. Kate is a former ferocious shrew who caught feelings for Petruchio. She’s very nearly tamed, well on her way to a new identity as a sweet and docile housewife. It’s time to renounce shrewish ways—until O’Felia from the block seizes the moment. Who the hell wants to be tamed? What’s up with this gaslighting? It’s more than a disruption of the intestinal humors...

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These Arms of Mine by Philip Hall

Marshall Evans is finally back in his Florida home after the police are done with the investigation. There, two days ago, his partner Judge William Kane was found shot to death. Today in the Great Room of the same house, Marsh is being questioned by a young female African-American detective who goes by the name of Charley. It seems that there are doubts about the Judge’s death. The wealthy Mr. Evans finds the interview insulting, but he plays along. Besides, his bar is well-stocked.

Throughout the evening, Marshall shines - expounding hilariously on such topics as Health, Infidelity, and yes, even Death. But eventually, he is forced to face the truth.

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Women and Guns by Steve Gold

Female Marine MP, Tiffany Hansen, is sent to Baghdad during the Iraq war, leaving behind her civilian boyfriend in southern California. How will the psychological effect of her deployment and her subsequent accidental killing of an Iraqi girl affect her and her relationship?

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And Then Galatea Laughed:  A Very Modern Romance

 by Scott Carter Cooper

George Bernard Shaw is struggling to produce his new play, Pygmalion. With only one day before the first performance, Mrs. Patrick Campbell has just returned from an unannounced three-day holiday and Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree is struggling with the production.

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The Captives by Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich

Air Date: October 4, 2022

Painting death-row meals on china plates may seem like a quirky artistic endeavor. But Professor’s made quite a name for herself doing just that from the safety of her conservative Midwestern college. As someone who struggles with gender identity, she’s fascinated by this final decision in a life otherwise devoid of options. But now, pressured by her tenure committee, she has her first face-to-face with the next inmate to die — Texas prisoner Trevor Monroe. But Trevor wants a stay of execution — not a final meal — putting Professor uncomfortably front and center in a very public social media frenzy and setting up a series of life-altering events for the artist, the prison warden, and the man about to die. Inspired in part by true events, including the botched 2014 Oklahoma execution of inmate Clayton D. Lockett.

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*Artwork by Aleesha Williams